About the Author

My father was on an Australian variety show and my mother was in the circus, which explains…a fair amount (like why I’m odd and where I’ve been). Currently living and writing in New York City, but once received an MFA from a West Coast school; was once a statistician in Sydney; once conned my way into the men’s locker room of the Mumbai cricket stadium; was once born on a Bahamian island; and have never successfully made a Customs official smile. Also, my dog is my universe and that’s probably not ideal.

The philosophy behind this blog and behind all my treks and adventures:

Travel that’s easy will eventually bore. Travel that’s hard will eventually enlighten.

Travel hard, my friends.

~Kate Jarrah  Email me!


3 responses to “About the Author

  1. Hi Kate,

    I just now realize that the whole site is you, not just the one part about Vegans. I’m sorry I was so idiotic about it! And nice work! It does you a ton of good as a writer to have your voice out there!


  2. District Nine Refugee

    Kate…I thoroughly enjoyed the the Nollywood article. It’s interesting how a third world country could produce so many movies…well, on the other hand Nigeria are known for being great storytellers.



  3. Mike

    mmmmmm Excellent ! 🙂

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